Why will Philippines be the best ‘hot’ destination this summer?

Asia Travel Jun 8, 2019

Boracay, El Nido and then Cebu, why are people rushing to the Philippines this summer? With the beautiful sea, Philippines is attracting more and more tourists, inviting you to discover.


Beautiful island paradise


Consisting of more than 7,000 islands with smooth white sandy beaches, the Philippines possesses many white sand beaches that can be visited such as Boracay, El Nido, Cebu, Coron, Palawan … extremely attractive and the choice of Many tourists love the sea. This place is a great destination for your soul, resting, relaxing and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.


Most of the beaches of the Philippines are surrounded by verdant mountains and many of them are ideal for surfing.


In addition, besides the white sand beaches we often see, there are many impressive beaches of pink sand and black sand.



Ideal destination for scuba diving



Dubbed the land of thousands of islands, the Philippines is considered one of the most attractive diving sites in the world. To the Philippines you can experience diving in Apo Island, Gulf of Honda, Tubbataha Reef, Puerto Galera or Malapascua, …

Most of these locations have a plentiful and diverse underwater ecosystem with long stretches of coral and many rich marine species such as whales, sharks, sperm whales … for you to spoil. Admire the beauty of aquatic beauty of the Philippine Sea.


Countless Attractions





In addition to more than 7,000 islands large and small, the Philippine island nation also possesses countless natural wonders and attractions to visit, including: more than 1,000 Chocolate hills, underground river systems, caves and waterfalls water or terraced fields dating back more than 2,000 years …


Diversified transportation and convenient language



The types of transport in the Philippines are quite diverse, you can move by domestic, rail, jeepney, taxi, bus, carriage, tricycle … In addition, you can also enjoy the scenery. the colors of the islands on traditional banca boats.

The full-color Jeepney cars have become the main public vehicle, as well as the distinctive cultural symbol in the Philippines.


Tricycle is a popular car in cities and resorts in the Philippines.

In addition, English is the main language of the Philippines since 1935 and is widely used throughout more than 7,000 islands of the country so when traveling to this island nation, you will not have to worry about communicating. , chat with locals.


Friendly and hospitable people


Filipinos have long been known to the world for their great hospitality, enthusiasm and warmth. All are always smiling, welcoming all tourists from far away. Guests will find the natives like to sing and dance every time there is a festival or exchange program. They are always ready to welcome visitors, share and help you throughout your travel journey.



Source: ivivu