What to eat in Batanes Island?

Asia Travel Jun 8, 2019

Philippines’ Batanes Island is one of the famous tourist destinations, attracting many tourists to visit every year. Here, not only do you need to know the right place to play but also to eat the right food to get a dream vacation.




Uved dish is also called uvud – one of the very delicious dishes made from banana stalks mixed with pork or ground beef and minced fish. Then, the mixture is mixed with spices including onions, garlic, salt and pepper and then used directly.

The highlight here is the scent of spices and the freshness of the ingredients.





Dibang is the name of a popular fish that you often encounter in islands. This fish is also known as flying fish because as its name suggests, its fins are very long to help them “jump” or “fly” out of the water when they want to escape from the enemy.

There are many ways to eat dibang fish such as fried, seasoned with salt and dried. Fish meat is very fragrant, sweet and tough so no matter how you use it, diners will hardly forget the taste when enjoying it.





Luñis is another version of the famous dish in the Philippines – adobo. This traditional dish is made by cooking pork until the fat runs out and the meat turns golden brown, then served with rice, vinegar and garlic.




Supas are always the main dishes in festivals. This dish includes rice cooked with turmeric mixed with garlic and pork. In addition to the delicious taste, supas also has a very yellow color that makes visitors feel excited.


Seafood dishes


In Batanes, there are also quite good kinds of seafood like arayu – a kind of fish with three colors of yellow, green and green with very fragrant and sweet meat, fried octopus, seaweed soup, sea urchin eaten raw or cooked and dumay – a kind of sea snail with tough and very delicious meat.

In addition, you should also try chayi – a fruit-like fruit only found in Batanes and palek islands – a special wine made from sugarcane.