Tom Yum and 9 dishes must try when coming to Thailand

Asia Travel Jun 11, 2019

Guests can easily find Thai specialties at the sidewalk bar or in the night markets.

Tom Yum (traditional soup)



This is a spicy soup, very popular in Thailand. The dish is a combination of fresh and delicious marine, spices create sour and spicy taste. You can also feel the greasy taste from coconut milk and herbs. The main ingredients of the dish are made from shrimp or chicken, mushrooms, Thai lemon leaves, galangal, lemongrass, coconut water … Depending on where the ingredients of this dish can change with different types of seafood. Dishes are easily found in street shops or restaurants, ranging from 100 baht (~ $4).


This is a type of pancake you can easily find on the streets in central Bangkok. The piece of cake is sprinkled with condensed milk and chocolate syrup that gives a sweet taste. Some shops also make prata with banana flavor and many tourists love it. Each meal is priced from 50 baht ( ~ $2).


Pad Thai



Pad Thai has long been Thailand’s “national dish”, born during the time when the country was in trouble, when people had to mix all available ingredients into one dish. Basically, Pad Thai includes noodles, eggs, shrimp, prices and other vegetables. Popular Pad Thai shops often attract customers with special recipes. This price is about 80 baht (nearly $3) for a small part of the basic Pad Thai.


Hoy tod (oyster omelet)




An interesting combination of eggs and oysters has made an attractive oyster egg. Chefs often cover fresh oysters on omelets before eating instead of covering them with eggs. Oysters for processing are always fresh. The dish is processed directly when customers request so you can also observe Thai chefs. Do not forget to add some chili garlic sauce to increase the flavor. Meal usually costs 70 baht (more than 50,000 VND)



Som Tam (papaya salad)



The ingredients of this dish include papaya papaya, chili, dried shrimp, tomatoes, and small chopped beans. All were put into a mortar, then added with lime, fish sauce, jaggery and mixed with spices to spread evenly into papaya. The spicy characteristic of Thai food will make you feel excited. Price of Som Tam part in trolley is only about 40-50 baht (about 30,000 – 40,000 VND).


Grilled squid



The aroma of fresh squid when baked directly on charcoal stove is amazing. If you walk around the night markets, don’t forget to try this crunchy dish. To increase the taste of the dish, Thai people sprinkle on the squid after baking a sweet and spicy sauce. In addition, these items also sell all kinds of fried fish shrimp, crab sticks … for you to choose freely. Depending on the size, the price of the dish will fluctuate.


Khao niaow ma muang (mango sticky rice)



Thai cuisine is also famous for mango sticky rice dish. Many tourists joked that going to Thailand without enjoying mango sticky rice is a big shortcoming. Two main ingredients for making dishes are glutinous rice and mango.



Thong Yip (sweet egg cake)



This cake is also called thong yord or foi thong. Usually, they are made from egg yolk mixed with flour and sugar. Depending on the chef, the cake has different shapes, has a long fiber-like type, has a round shape like a ping-pong ball. Flower shape is considered to be the most lost. The cake costs about 10-15 baht (about 7,000 – 10,000 VND).





Sankaya Fak Thong (pumpkin cake)



To make this dish requires the chef to be very skillful to remove the intestine without touching the flesh of the fruit. Next, the chef will fill the inside with a smooth egg cream filling. The whole pumpkin is then put into an autoclave to cook. Sweet food of pumpkin, aromatic fat of egg cream. The pumpkin meat after ripening is soft, divided into small pieces for about 50 baht (over VND 35,000) per piece.