Things to do at first time traveling to Penang

Asia Travel May 16, 2019

Penang, Malaysia is an island connected to the mainland with a 14-kilometer Penang cable-stayed bridge famous for its great work in Southeast Asia. There has plenty of must-see attractions that you wish to see. Penang Island not only brings the natural beauty of harmony between the wavy blue sea and the majestic thousands but also attracts tourists by the busy shopping centers and impressive colorful old town. In our list, we focus on places that can be considered the essence of the island – so much so that to miss them would be as good as not having been to Penang in the first place.


Penang Hill



Penang Hill was the first colonial hill station developed in Peninsular Malaysia. Comprising Western Hill, Bukit Laksamana, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill and Government Hill, it is located six km away from Georgetown. The hilly and forested area is the state’s primary hill resort. This is for those who love nature. You will experience taking a train (Penang Hill Railway) from the foot of the mountain to the top of the hill. The journey takes you past luxuriant greenery and the occasional macaque plus the bungalows originally built for British officials and other wealthy citizens. There is also a bridge here for couples to come here to hang a key chain to prove their beautiful love.


Kek Lok Si Temple



Comprising a series of monasteries, prayer halls, temples and beautifully-landscaped gardens, this national icon was built in 1890 by Beow Lean, a devout immigrant Chinese Buddhist. The ten-acre site was purchased in 1893 and the initial temple structure was built on the summit of He Shan. 20 years later, the two-decade long additional construction of this sprawling house of worship is largely funded by donations from the Penang Straits Chinese community.





This is the most attractive destination in Penang, where the old houses of 1-200 years are reconstructed and well preserved. China Town is the Chinese architecture with wooden houses, glazed tile roofs, Chinese pagodas beautifully decorated. India is Hindu temple. The seaside area is European architectural works, marking the period of British occupation of the island. Khoo Kongsi is one of Georgetown’s most interesting attractions.


What is special about Georgetown, Penang’s capital is that you can clearly see the effects of different population groups. Outside the Chinese block with large houses, various types of taxis and temples make it even more prominent. Like in Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of attractive shopping centers to spend money on. Georgetown still has ancient features with many areas with old colonial architecture with great atmosphere. Especially in this old town looks very colorful and attractive. This land has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. There are many things to discover in Georgetown. Botanic Gardens and Kek Lok Si Temple are interesting places to visit outside the town. The highlight of Georgetown is the spread of street art. Wall paintings with pictures of objects on the street, creating a very special 3D effect.

Escape Adventureland




Malaysia’s No. 1 amusement park. The few hours spent at Escape Adventureland Penang are likely to rank as some of the most thrilling and emotionally-charged moments of your life. After all, hurtling speedily through the open air, dozens of feet off the ground, is pretty memorable. A park specialising in zip-lining (or, as Australians call it, flying foxes), there are other fun activities here including a free fall from a 20m jump platform, an inner-tube slide and tree rope swing. You should spend a day to come here to play.


Penang Botanic Gardens



Finally on this list, explore a green space in Penang – Penang Botanic Gardens (Penang Botanical Garden), located at the city boundary. Penang Botanic Gardens is also known as the Park of waterfalls because there are waterfalls near the garden.


In particular, Penang Botanic Gardens is 30 hectares wide, home to the most beautiful jogging and climbing roads on the island. Ven follows the trail that will lead you to the top of Penang (Bukit Bendera), where you will have spectacular island views. The trail begins at Moon Gate near the entrance to the park along Jalan Kebun Bunga.



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