The majestic beauty of Bach Ma National Park

Asia Travel Jun 14, 2019

Go to the pristine Bach Ma National Park, visitors can stand from the top to see hills and mountains coincide in sight, immerse in the wonderful natural scenery, rarely available.



Bach Ma National Park is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. It is also favored by many people for names such as Dai thousands of white horses, Bach Ma sacred or Da Lat of the Central … thanks to the majestic landscape, stretches.

Bach Ma Mountain is nestled by the Truong Son Mountain Range which looks like a white horse stretching its legs towards the immense sea. Not only charming scenery, cool climate and French-style villas such as in Da Lat and Bach Ma are also places to gather many rare and precious animals and plants of the tropics in the vast primeval forest. with spectacular streams and waterfalls.



With a total area of ​​nearly 37,500 hectares, here, visitors will learn about the rich flora and fauna, see the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests, feel the weather 4 seasons in a day.



December to April (dry season) is considered the most appropriate time to travel to Bach Ma National Park. At this time, the dry weather did not have intense rains suitable for moving and traveling, exploring forest landscapes.



If you’re lucky, you can catch rare animals when you walk to explore the forest.



Hai Vong radio is located at a height of more than 1,400 m, the highest place of the summit of Bach Ma mountain. To come here, visitors will have to conquer the Hai Vong Dai trail, one of the most gentle and simple journeys in Bach Ma National Park.



From Hai Vong station, visitors can admire the four faces of Bach Ma, the same mountain scenery, Hue city, Cau Hai, Canh Duong, Lang Co bay, Ho Truoi …



It is also very close to Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery.



There are 139 villas in the middle of the mountain, which was completed in 1942. Bach Ma then became one of seven high-end resorts in Indochina. Currently, this place is being left blank or used improperly.



From the summit of Bach Ma mountain, visitors following the slope down to about 2 km will be Do Quyen villa. Here is the scenic location of Ngu Ho waterfall, a famous place that attracts many visitors. Five Lakes are inspired by five small lakes, lying close together to form a large stream.



The following tree here has three pointed lobes. On March, the leaves begin to gradually turn red, creating a beautiful landscape for the national park. Many people called the White Horse because it is similar to maple leaves (maple leaves have 5 lobes).



Bell peach blossoms, belonging to the rhododendron family are species of carpentry, only about 5 meters high, small leaves, young branches, hairless, distributed at a height of 1,400 m or more.



The brown-shanked douc, also known as the current five-colored langur, is increasing with a total of 6 groups. This species often lives in old forests, primitive forests on high mountains, but can be eaten both in secondary forests, mixed forests and upland fields. Their favorite food is leaves.


Source: ZingVN