Six things you should try when travel to Ilolo

Asia Travel Jun 8, 2019

Iloilo is the central city of Panay Island, Visayas Province in Central Philippines. Other than Boracay, Cebu, El Nido, … Iloilo is not crowded with visitors, but it contains hidden beauty. See if Iloilo has anything worth being called the “island of love”, and come here – before it becomes crowded.

Heaven SanJoaquin – Heavenly Paradise


Heaven SanJoaquin is really a worthwhile place to visit in Iloilo – this place is especially attractive thanks to The Pilgrimaget – truly a paradise in the Garinfarm resort – including rooms, agricultural gardens, games like zipline, duck, … The Pilgrimaget is on the top of the mountain, you have to climb 400 steps, then go through 1 dark tunnel to reach The Pilgrimaget, remember to prepare dark glasses, you will be dazzled!


I am Iloilo – Iloilo River Esplanade

In Iloilo, the Philippines has one of the largest rivers, linking all the districts (possibly counties) of Iloilo, along the river is a very cool and tree-lined small road for walking or single Simply take some virtual live photos.


Casa Mariquit – Wooden House of former Philippine Vice President


At first glance, the house is like any other house in Iloilo, but in fact it has been dating for a long time. Casa Mariquit was built in 1803 by Ramon Javellana. Later, it became the home of his granddaughter, Mariquit and her husband Fernando Lopez, who served as vice president of the Philippines in the 1950s.


Wind farm

This is also a place to visit Iloilo. Like other wind farms, this place has a very open space, suitable for taking photos for life. Choose Jeepneys or Tricycle to make your photo more featured!


Galeon Making – Craft Village


Galeon Making is famous for producing fully crafted boats, you will be able to experience the production stages and the products are very suitable for you to buy as gifts. In particular, the price of boats here is very cheap, only from about Php 300 (about $6).


Baroque Miagao Church – UNESCO World Heritage


Everywhere in Ilolo, you can see ancient churches dating back thousands of years. The highlight is Baroque Miagao church – a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993. The church is made entirely from stone and is preserved very carefully. Baroque Miagao is also known as the honey church or the Sto. Tomas the Villanueva Paris – is the symbol of faith of the Iloilo people.