Recommended Hotels in Singapore

Asia Travel Jun 8, 2019

Singapore Hotels are very diverse with prices ranging from cheap to high-end. If you are wondering where to stay in Singapore, let’s take a look at our recommendations below, these are carefully chosen hotels with price ranges for your convenience.

Marina Bay Sands (Five Star – Luxury ~ $400)



Iconic and one of the top hotels in Singapore considered even a symbol of the city! You will be impressed by its superb infinity pool, 20 restaurant options, and cool casino. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and it provides all the facilities you may need to feel like a real queen/king during your stay in Singapore.








Another 5-star hotel located in this beautiful area of the city and one of the best luxury hotels in Singapore! This great accommodation also has a rooftop pool and a bar where you can relax and admire the beautiful view over the city. With big windows and luxury facilities, I am sure this hotel will be the perfect choice for your stay in Marina Bay!


The Inn (Three Star – Budget ~ $110)




Champion Hotel City (Three Star – Budget ~ $110)


A nice budget accommodation that offers tidy, air-conditioned rooms and shared bathrooms. If you choose to stay here, you will be close to many restaurants and attractions in Singapore and you won’t be far from Marina Bay either.