MUST TRY street foods when you arrive in Penang

Asia Travel Jun 8, 2019

Culinary capital of Malaysia, Penang is famous for its multi-color culinary culture. And here are 7 delicious street food stalls that you definitely have to try when you come here!


Lor Bak – Kheng Pin Café Restaurant



Mr. Lau – the owner of Kheng Pin Café, created the best Lor bak dish in Penang. That is the main reason why Kheng Pin Café is up to 40 years old.


Lor bak is a dish similar to minced pork, the inside is made of meat, seafood, tofu and vegetables, marinated with five spices and then curled up and fried in a wok pan. . This dish is usually served with a sweet and spicy sauce.


Restaurant address: 80, Jalan Penang, George Town


Food price: Approximately $ 0.8 / person


Char Koay Kak



Although the whole shop is just a small shopping cart on Macalister Street, the Yao sisters’ make the best Char koay kak in Penang. The Yao sisters inherited the business, which was 30 years old from their father and until now, the traditional family recipe of Char koay kak remains intact. Char koay kak is a black-fried stir-fried radish cake served with bean sprouts, eggs, scallions and a little spicy chilli, with its own distinctive flavor.


Address: 94C, Macalister Lane, George Town


Food price: $ 0.75 equivalent to VND 17,000 / person



Spring rolls at Gerai Gerai Padang Brown



Popiah spring rolls are different in form but this is also an indispensable traditional dish on holidays in each family in Penang. Popiah spring rolls have a sleek, slim, golden exterior.


A variety of filling with countless ingredients such as sugar beets, carrots, bean sprouts, fried tofu, pork, seafood, peanuts, fried lettuce, and thinly sliced eggs.


What makes the spring rolls at Gerai Gerai Padang Brown so special is that the booth here belongs to one of the few places in Penang that makes spring rolls with crab meat, very delicious and sweet.


Address: Medan Selera Padang Brown Food Court (Dato Keramat Booth)


Dish price: $ 1.5 / share


Char Koay Teow – Café Ping Hooi Restaurant



Char Koay Teow or fried noodle soup is the most typical street food in Penang. Characteristic of this dish is the great flavor, the freshness of ingredients such as noodles, shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts and chives are fried with black soy sauce in a large cast iron pan.


The Yeow family – the owner of Ping Hooi has released the fried version of the noodle with the best duck eggs in Penang.


Address: 179, Carnarvon Street, George Town (corner of Lebuh Carnarvon and Lorong Carnarvon).


Food price: $ 2 / share


Assam Laksa – Air Itam



Assam laksa is a very famous dish that you definitely have to try when traveling to Penang, there is a harmonious combination of quintessential flavors and attractive spices to create an unmistakable dish.


Assam laksa is made from crispy, fresh, crispy vermicelli, cooked in the broth, cooked from sour fish soup with a characteristic sour taste made from Assam (sour tamarind).


You can try this at the Itam Asam Laksa, a 30-year-old small restaurant, located at the foot of Kek Lok temple.


Address: Ayer Itam, Jalan Pasar (Jalan Pasar corner Jalan Paya Terubong, next to Air Itam market).


Food price: $ 1 / share


Curry Mee



If you look at pub life as a criterion for evaluation, then Curry Mee must be one of Penang’s oldest famous eateries.


The restaurant is widely known by its service life up to more than 70 years. Curry Mee, also known as curry laksa, is a kind of spicy coconut soup served with egg noodles and rice vermicelli.


In addition to the above two ingredients, a bowl of Curry Mee also includes full chicken, tofu, shrimp, and pork secretions and, of course, the indispensable spicy flavor of chili.


Address: Jalan Air Hitam, Pekan Ayer Itam


Food price: $ 1.10 / share



Mr Por duck soup – Restoran Kimberly Restaurant



You will always meet a long line of people waiting in line to enjoy the Por brand duck soup cake.


This dish is prepared like soup. The main ingredient is rice noodles cooked with pork or duck meat with a few boiled eggs, green onions and chilli peppers, cooked in black soy sauce.


Mr. Por has successfully prepared duck soup cakes with his own formula for the past 30 years, attracting many domestic and foreign customers to enjoy!


Address: 137, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town


Food price: $ 1.8 / piece