Introduction to Korean cuisine: Do you know about Kim Chi food?

Asia Travel Jun 9, 2019

Korean cuisine is quite famous through a dish called Kim Chi. You can enjoy food from supermarkets in the city all over the world. But if you are curious about Kim Chi and want to learn this dish. Come to Korea in November. Stay in a Korean family and make them kimchi with them.


Kim chi is one of the typical dishes in the culinary culture of the people of this country. Kimchi is made from vegetables, tubers and fruits. mainly cabbage and spices including chili, garlic, onion, ginger, salt, sugar … and for fermentation. The way of processing is also an extraordinary harmonious harmony with many human beings.


Korean food’s  Kim Chi


Kimchi was born from a situation in Korea. In Korea you always see the presence of cold, warm clothes and products that characterize the cold country all year round. According to records Kim Chi was born a few thousand years ago. Korean families need to keep vegetables and fruits to be used throughout the long winter for the family. They started with vegetables and soaked with salt then put them in a clay pot and buried them in the ground.


Over time with historical fluctuations, Kimchi carries in its taste the ups and downs of the characteristics of the land where it was made. From color to composition is very diverse and rich. According to statistics from Kim Chi museum, there are more than 180 types of Kim Chi. Great. If you stay in a certain area in Korea and enjoy Kim Chi made by that area. Congratulation!!!

Kimchi is not only because of its great taste, but also has very high nutritional value, is very beneficial for health and prevents some diseases. In Kim Chi dish contains many vitamins and essential ingredients for human health. Kimchi is also low in calories so it is good for dieters.



Kimchi is also a side dish with many other popular products. You can customize it according to your circumstances or conditions. All are great. Kim Chi is so delicious that you can only eat one dish of Kim Chi for a whole meal.


Bring Kim Chi’s taste when you come home. Although Korea is the birthplace of Kim Chi, the most productive place of Kim Chi is in China. One advice for you is to do it yourself and your loved one in the Korean way.