Introducing Udon noodles in Japan

Asia Travel Jun 9, 2019

Udon noodles !!! Did you hear about it ?. Ok. It is not instant noodles. Instant noodles are specialties of the Japanese modern times. As required is born it serves modern life rhythm. Udon. It is history as the process is imbued with Japanese spirit in the dish: Udon noodles.


A great introduction so not surprise you when I tell you that Udon noodles are organized by UNESCO as world heritage. In Japan you can completely see the historical process of Udon noodles and look as well as feel the flavor. Go to Kyoto. My friends!


Udon noodles

Japanese people love to eat noodles even though their main meal is rice like other Asian countries. When you come to Japan, you will be overwhelmed by the countless types of noodles and dishes combined from it, but most commonly only 4 types of noodles: Udon noodles, Soba noodles, Somen noodles and Ramen. Udon noodles but took all sorts of different pasta to become the soul, the highlight of the Japanese culture as well as in Udon noodles contain time of Japan.


Udon noodles are made from a type of wheat flour, fiber fairly thick, the thickest in the popular noodles in Japan. The noodles have a regular diameter of about 1cm, about the size of a rice bowl. Over time and according to the noodle space there are different sizes and flavors. You have the ambition to experience all these?


In the hearts of Japanese people on New Year’s Eve they will eat noodles. They conceive that noodles have many of the characteristics they hope for a good new year. Long pasta is a symbol of longevity, so eat noodles on New Year’s Eve to hope to welcome a new year with lots of health and long life with your children. And eating noodles also means cutting away bad luck in the old year and hoping for a better new year. Therefore, do not eat on the first day of the year but eat on the last day of the year! Remember this icon but enjoy it anytime you want!


The most basic and basic Japanese noodles are Kake-udon. This noodles puts noodles in the bowl and the broth and adds nothing else. This broth is a soup often made from soy sauce, mirin and dashi. Next is the Kitsune-udon noodles that Udon noodles use with tofu. Next is Tempura-udon. This dish is very popular and the area in Japan is also available. The soup is stored separately in a small vase next to it, when you eat the soup, sprinkle the onions, put the radish on it, add some lemon. This hot tempura-udon is also delicious. The sweet and fatty taste of tempura blends into the soup, doubling the flavor of this dish!



Here you ask the question where to eat udon noodles is the best. A suggestion for you to go to the Japanese town of Akita in Yuzawa. The family of Yosuke Sato in this province was assigned to supply Udon to the Japanese Royal Family. From the time he was appointed to now, he has spent 7 lives. Because no one overcame this family’s processing talent, since they invented Inaniwa Udon in 1860.


If possible, add this place in your taste journey. Udon noodles in Kagawa Prefecture, Chikoku region. Udon noodles here are famous for their chewy and fragrant noodles. This land is near the sea, so it has long been a way of making delicious dashi and soy sauce, the secret to making delicious udon noodles. When returning, don’t forget to buy noodles as gifts!