Introducing the beautiful country of Korea

Asia Travel Jun 7, 2019

Hi my friends. Potential and enthusiastic travelers for a trip to the modern country: South Korea.

Korea has a developed economy and is one of four Asian dragons. Where’s the big corporations world-class as Samsung and LG..vv..v They are the suppliers of products for modern life and may we present around your life.
Check out some important points for your travel plan to make sure. Korea has a very developed transport system. The world’s highest internet speed and open people are waiting for you to socialize.

Modern life has brought Korea the lines you can meet in major cities in the world such as Tokyo or Chicago but somewhere in the daily activities of Koreans you still see looming ancient features. The old is saved to this day. Don’t bother about your outfit. Put on a convenient outfit for travel and warmth. Or a strong suggestion for men to bring a suit. You can go anywhere and go to any restaurant at all times.

Referring to Korea, it is impossible to mention their traditional clothes: Hanbok. You can meet in traditional rituals or festivals. Along with the rich street cuisine, you must not forget two famous dishes Kimchi and bulgogi. Although these two dishes are famous in the world, experience it at the place where it was born. That is really different. And one more thing related to food is tea and alcohol here. Korean people often give Ginseng to these two drinks. This will enhance your taste and health. Do not hesitate or buy some and use it gradually in your schedule.

Tram tracks in South Korea, passing through a tunnel of cherry blossoms

In Korean traditional culture you will also meet the subtleties and details in every product they make. Do you see something like traditional art in Japan? It is a relationship that has happened in history. But above all, look back at the Korean flag. You have seen their cultural core

Ancient cultures are expressed in Dancheong like the mysterious Thankar in Tibet. Jasu embroidery patterns in costumes, Bojagi squares of cloth cover the objects, folk paintings or even the art of paper folding like orgami. All of those beautiful cultural traits are waiting for you to discover. Korea is the cradle of martial arts Teakwondo built from ancient martial art is deeply Taekkyeon longer present in Chungju peaceful.

Korean cinema is also very popular. A great means to promote their country image. You can also experience a role for the movie of your life in this place. Go through the almond tree path in Hyeaonchungsa, the road in Dam Yang or the Doeksugung palace. And when night falls, it’s time to go to a snack shop – Pojangmacha – in any street in Korea. Drink a few cups of Soju alcohol and enjoy the night breath.