Five beautiful beaches in Boracay

Asia Travel May 16, 2019

Boracay is the most famous island in the Philippines with attractive sea games, white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife and luxury resorts. It consists of 17 beaches, which is hard to know which is good without seeing them first. Here we recommend the five best beaches in Boracay for you to decide.

White Beach: Lively



White Beach occupies more than half of Boracay’s west coast, being the most vibrant, bustling and popular beach on the island. This beach stretching over 4 km is the ideal place to admire the beautiful sunset on the sea.


Puka Beach: Rustic


Located in the north of Boracay Island, Puka is surrounded by dense forests so it has a cool climate all year round. Coming to Puka Shell beach, visitors can participate in many interesting activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, volleyball and experiencing massage services on the beach. It’s also worth knowing that the water increases in depth quickly. So if you’re not confident in your swimming abilities, we recommend staying close to the shore.

Bulabog Beach: Kite & Windsurfing


Even if you’re not into wind or kitesurfing, Bulabog offers a more relaxed and casual vibe that you may appreciate. The only downside is that it’s not really suitable for swimming due to the surfers blasting across the water. But since White Beach is just a short walk away, that doesn’t have to be an issue.


Diniwid Beach: Relaxing



Not very far to the north of White Beach, Diniwid is a lovely little peaceful beach, where there is a Spider bar with a very unique design, a place to relax, swim and watch the sunset very well.


Tambisaan Beach: Snorkeling




Located on the southeast side of Boracay Island, Tambisaan Beach is not exploited much tourism. Although there are still a few nearby resorts and shops, this beach is not as crowded and crowded as White Beach. Tambisaan is the only beach in Boracay that has a large amount of marine life. It’s great for snorkeling. To get to the marine life, walk about one third along the beach and then swim about 25 meters into the bay. The best time to visit is during high season, with little wind.



Balinghai Beach: Romantic Dining


Balinghai is a small beach that’s only accessible during low tide. During high tide it’s under water. It’s main appeal is that you can have dinner on the beach, right next to the water. And usually you’ll be the only one there.


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