Five attractions in Singapore for animal lovers

Asia Travel Jun 13, 2019

Singapore is not only known for its skyscrapers and tramways throughout the island nation, but also has locations that bring visitors closer to the animal world.


Chek Jawa Wetlands



This 100-hectare tidal flat is located to the east of Pulau Ubin Island. It owns one of the most diverse ecosystems in Singapore and was only discovered in 2000. Here, visitors can admire many species of wild plants and animals such as kingfisher, crest straw, starfish…

Don’t miss the 1.1 km long wooden walkway. At low tide, it helps you easily observe many plants and animals along the coast. If you want to track the movements of birds, you should walk up the nearby 21-meter tower. To get to Chek Jawa Wetlands, visitors must take the train from the mainland to Pulau Ubin, then continue on by bike.


Gallop Stable



Horse riding has become a popular entertainment hobby for many Singaporeans and tourists in recent years. Gallop Stable is a famous horse riding area in the lion island nation. Guests can choose to ride on the trail, this animal-only pavement or take professional courses. Besides, feeding horses and rabbits is also a popular activity.


S.E.A Aquarium


Shark Seas is one area that attracts the most tourists. Here, you have the opportunity to look at over 200 fierce sharks, even those that are in danger of extinction such as hammerhead sharks and silvertip sharks. In particular, taking photos at the Open Ocean giant is indispensable for visitors to step out of this aquarium.



Singapore owns one of the largest aquariums in the world. S.E.A Aquarium is divided into 10 areas, corresponding to 49 different habitats such as the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal, the large lakes in East Africa … More than 100,000 marine creatures will certainly satisfy the visitors.


Jurong Bird Park



Located in the western part of Singapore, this park is home to more than 5,000 individual birds of about 600 different species, from flamingos, pheasants, pheasants, storks, pelicans, parrots to species of cold birds: penguin…



Here, visitors will visit and experience many interesting activities, close to birds such as High Flyers Show show, Lunch with Parrots, Lory Loft birdcage largest in the world with 9 floors … In addition, More than 600 free-flying birds in the 30-meter-high tropical rainforest and artificial waterfall at Waterfall Aviary are tourist attractions when visiting this park.


Night Safari



This is the first wild park in the world for night-life animals. Nearly 2,500 animals belonging to more than 130 different species will certainly make you go from surprise to surprise when circling this park. The tram will take you to discover many animals of seven different geographical regions. Each car has a guide to introduce and answer questions for you. Total time for the journey is about 35 minutes.