One quit 100k year job for crypto trading then end up millionaire 7 months later

As the title reads, He quit his 90k a year job to trade crypto full time, for most of you are thinking this guy is an idiot and took a huge gamble, he did but boy did he get Luck too.

The story was like: In DEC, 2016 the was an attempt to scam me using bitcoin as payment. At the time I had never heard of it but instantly was curious. so I spent the next 2 weeks researching before I finally spent $1900 on some bitcoin. I spent the next 2 months learning about cryptocurrencies​ and how to navigate exchanges

In May of 2017, ​ I had begun my 4th month of crypto trading and struck gold. I had purchased a larger sum of Antshare/Neo before it rebranded and made a large sum of funds. At that point I spoke with my wife and she was willing to allow me 6 months to make it happen. So I went full nerd, I was getting up at 5 am reading everything crypto. On my break, I woul​d have different​ crypto related interviews playing in the background and it stayed like this for 3 months.

Fast forward to September, and this is where I realized that crypto isn’t just about knowledge, it’s about connections. I had come in contact with a now good friend @dream-o and we began to share ideas and trading tip. well, ​let’s just say in one month I had tripled my years salary working with him.

Moving on to November/December I sat down with my wife and told her the exciting new, we could possibly hit 1 million by the summer of 2018, and she was super excited. little did we know, crypto was about to go bonkers. My portfolio started rising 70-80k every couple of days until it finally happened.

We had broken a Million 7 months ahead of schedule. I couldn’t​ believe it, I couldn’t eat for the next 2 days I​ was that excited. Once the excitement wore down, I​ had to make a tough decision, Keep holding or secure major​ profits. We decided to pull 30% of our holdings and ride the rest out.

The reason we chose 30% was to cover all of our debts ( Mortgage, student loans, 2 cars and cc) and have a nice lump sum cash. After doing so, crypto decided to go for a 2nd round of madness and I found myself in the 7 figure crypto club again. So we took another 20% out, lucky for us this turned into a great deal as bitcoin plunged from all time highs to some pre-December​ prices. I have since restored some fiat into crypto and will be pulling soon as I only did it for some short term gains.

As of now, ​I don’t do much day trading, I invest in ICOs and collect payments from my master nodes​. I have picked my long term horses and I​ plan to ride them to the end. If taken seriously crypto can change your​ life, but at the same time fools will lose every penny the own.