Cafes, snacks, specialties of Hue tourism

Asia Travel Jun 14, 2019

Hue cuisine map can be extremely rich and unique. The dishes with unique features are hard to find elsewhere.

Unique snack shops:

  • Tea Alley: famous for the dish .. strange roasted meat tea.
  • Yaourt Nguyen Du
  • Chicken egg milk opposite Dong Ba market
  • Bun noodle soup on Chi Lang street, near the top of Gia Hoi bridge



Hue is a paradise to eat with delicious and cheap dishes.


When it comes to Hue specialties, there are countless dishes that cannot be told, but if you come here, you must try:


1. Mussel rice : Selling a lot in shops and street vendors throughout Hue. The price is very cheap and quite strange.



2. Hue Vả fruit : Hue’s rustic dish. Tree Fig for sweet and fruity fruits, can make raw vegetables with dishes such as grilled meat vermicelli, vermicelli and pork vermicelli, delicious cakes, beef dipped in vinegar … and mixed with rice paper, cloth General warehouse with pork, beef, perch, scad, tuna …




3. Hue beef noodle: The familiar dish will feel different when eating in Hue . The clear white vermicelli fibers on it are those that grow pink (are served from live rolls and crab meat), soft and soft pieces of spring rolls, accompanied by a bit of spicy lemon chilli sauce, which is very interesting and spicy, hot. Bun noodle shops are present throughout the streets in Hue.



4. Hue’s banh beo: Hue people love and have become a habit of using this home-flavored cake at side meals. In addition to the familiar way of carrying hawkers, there are many “banh beo streets” in An Dinh palace, Ngu Binh street, Nguyen Binh Khiem street …



5. Banh loc “Ba Do”: In Hue, there are many cake shops, banh beo but no one is unaware of the Ba Do banh loc shop. In addition to cakes such as banh loc, banh beo, there is also a delicious fried shrimp leaf cake.

Address: 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem.



6. Banh khoai cake: Pour with milled rice flour to blend with water and egg yolk, then add pepper, onion, fish sauce, salt, peeled shrimp, sliced beef (or bird), sliced fat.