An introduction to Japan

Asia Travel Jun 7, 2019

You can find a travel tuor reasonable prices and packages in Japan wherever you anywhere. Japan is a developed country and a strong infrastructure system. Please rest assured when coming to this place. Book a ticket and when arrived at the airport you can go to anywhere in Japan by subway, taxi or by bus and you can hire a car for convenience with its tourist tuor.


Beautiful country of cultural diversity is welcome you to travel and experience. Japanese law is very stringent and detailed. The number of tourists coming to Japan every year is more and more, plus the policy of encouraging development and stimulating labor. Many opportunities open to you when you travel in Japan. You can completely rest assured travel and experience the beauty from this country rich in culture and humanity.



Cultural experience here is like going through a lot of emotions and experiencing periods of time will give you an indelible memory to Japan. In Japan you can see the fusion and harmony between modern culture and traditional culture. Somewhere are the cultural features coming out of the computer screen and the ancient atmosphere intertwined.


The most useful advice we have for you is to fully experience “like Japanese” or “live like a Japanese” to fully appreciate this country. Don’t worry about the risk to your origin. Plan to visit major cities in Japan or any city in Japan. Booking in a Japanese family is a perfect start. Put down your backpack and relax with hot springs or take a bath in the Japanese public bath to recover your strength after your long journey.

Find some kimono and start down the street !!! Traditional festivals are bustling to call you to join. Immerse yourself in the flow of people rushing to the festival center. Street food or traditional eateries in Japan are diverse and rich. Remember the two main foods are nuts and seafood. Maybe you should enjoy mochi, Ramen noodles and fish dishes. And now let’s move to industrial areas and buy some memories in Tohoku region with souvenirs like Magewappa, Vignette Candles, Kokeshi Dolls, Kogin-zashi Embroidery Pictures, Tsugaru Lacquerware, Nambu dyed fabric. Surely in your impression about Japan so far is a scream or shout to the Japanese in the comics and in the movies do you impressed. You want to know from where, we start from the village of the famous Sword Osafune Okayama Prefecture.


The strong feelings of the will of the samurai rolling in you are also the best time to enter the Zen space of Japanese people and enjoy the Tea Ceremony. Tea ceremony originated in ancient Japan. Tea drinking has a long history and although Japan is not a place where tea drinking was born, Japanese people here make tea drinking a special culture. Becoming an important ritual in life and clearly showing it deserves a highlight in a person’s life. Can’t forget to remind you to enjoy a traditional sumo match. You have feelings like watching an MMA tournament !!!


Japan is also a place to create Playstation, Nintendo and popular comic books. You totally can add to schedules or manually set a technological trip experience and culture cyperpunk here. The law in Japan fully respects individuals and opens up a private space where individuals can fully express their personalities and interests. The streets come out of a poster or comic or from the game you play and you only need to schedule it, you can immediately find it in the streets of Tokyo or Kyoto. The beaches in Japan are also great. Don’t forget to add in your exciting journey