Five dishes worth trying in Manila

Asia Travel Jun 7, 2019

If you are traveling to Manila (Philippines), you must definitely try Halo-halo, Buko pie, fried chicken, Kinilaw, Kare-kare ..




Halo-halo is shaved ice with red beans, coconut jelly, purple root, egg cream, jelly and a cream. Each restaurant in Manila makes this dessert with different ingredients such as jackfruit, sweet potatoes … Manila tours, try the “minimalist halo-halo” in Razon’s of Guagua restaurant chain. Minimalist halo-halo includes only 4 ingredients: banana, milk, egg cream and coconut wax.


Buko pie



This type of cake was first made in the city of Laguna on southern Philippines. Ice cream is replaced with condensed milk, Buko pie is thicker than the regular custard cake. A delicious slice of cake should consist of a layer of moderate consistency and a smooth filling. Come to Wildflour café to try this cake. Although the price is slightly higher than elsewhere, Buko pie here is very quality. Underneath the crunchy multi-layer shell is sweet coconut meat and silky smoothness.


Fried chicken at Max’s restaurant



This restaurant has existed since World War II, when the owner served fried chicken to American soldiers. When it comes to Max’s, people immediately think of “restaurant built by fried chicken”. Just enough to understand how deep fried chicken here is attractive – golden chicken skin and the meat is crispy and fragrant. There are also many quality dishes here, so you can rest assured that you have a full meal.





A simple Kinilaw bowl including fresh fish, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and fresh peppers mixed well with coconut vinegar and sour fruits. In some areas, coconut vinegar is replaced with coconut milk. Kinilaw’s sweet and sour taste will let you enjoy all the fresh fish and shrimp. Go to “dampa” (water market) along Macapagal road in Pasay area to hand-pick the best taste fish and ask the restaurant to turn into Kinilaw.





Kare-kare includes vegetables such as white radish, Chinese cabbage, eggplant stewed with oxtail in a special sauce made from dye and peanut butter. It sounds strange but this sauce tastes like satay and eats very well. You can also add a shrimp spoon if you like. Travel to Manila, go to the Milky Way café to try traditional Kare-kare.


Source: ivivu