Wait until you see what the ‘flowers’ on this cushion actually are

I’m not dirty minded, so when I first saw this cushion I saw the type of cushion you might find at your grans house. An object stles in n the same vein as a china tea mug – really nice, really cute.

But what do you see?

Credit: Reddit

The photograph was shared to Reddit by a woman with the caption: “My mother bought these throw pillows.”

Take a closer look and you’ll see that those ‘flowers’ aren’t flowers at all. They are in fact massive dicks.

But the poster said her mother bought them.

‘Shit an older woman must surely have bought those penis pillow throws by accident’, I imagine you’re thinking.

You’d be wrong there. When people started calling the story “suspicious” the Redditer confirmed she “never said it was an accidental purchase”.

A quick Google reverse image search shows that the cushions are for sale on the site LookHuman.com with the description “Floral Penis Pattern Blue Throw Pillow” – meaning the poster’s mum just must just be well into cock-themed pillows.

Credit: LookHuman.com

The Reddit comment were alive and kicking following the image being posted to the site – one user commented: “I showed this to my husband and watching his brain process was a treat.

“His first look was, “okay, so they are flowers…are they flowers…oh, that’s a penis!”‘

The woman who posted the photo replied: “I did the same thing with mine, I just pointed at the couch grinning like an idiot.

“It took him a while to understand.”

This isn’t the only place surprising place you might find a phallic object that’s had the internet stumped.

Take a look at this, mate…

What is going on there then.

I was sat here for a good 15 minutes trying to figure it out. It looks like just a regular brick wall, right?

Wrong – take a closer look. Your eyes are very much deceiving you.

Yep, that’s right.

That is no stone that is a cigar sticking out of a wall that you’re seeing. Crazy what tricks your brain can play on you when looking at a simple picture, isn’t it.