Girl who seek plastic surgery because vagina Looks Like A ‘Big Mac’

This woman appeared on the BBC Three show My Unusual Vagina, as she went under the knife in order to alter her vagina.

It’s not unusual for people to not be satisfied by their bodies and seek plastic surgery to change that.

Personally, I don’t think there’s a problem with that. If you have the money, really want it, then go for it. However, when the reason someone wants that is because of expectations curated by modern culture, then you have to question whether it’s necessary.

Antonia, who described her own genitalia as looking like a ‘Big Mac burger with the filling hanging out’, says she has been tormented by men after they saw it.

Unfortunately she didn’t feel comfortable with her vagina, and so avoided having sex due to feeling anxious about it, as well as it hurting her physically.

“The skin flaps are like elastic bands, if I was to pull them I could get them down to my thigh,” she said. “For me sex is difficult, because it can hurt and feel uncomfortable.”

She decided that she’d spend £3,100 on a private clinic as the NHS wouldn’t provide surgery, despite her enlarged labia causing her swelling and discomfort.


theladbible /BBC /My Unusual Vagina