Tweets Girl Want To Send To Boyfriend Immediately

I’ve seen a bunch of tweets over the past two days or so with jokes about a guy and his adulterous wife? Something with her emails? I’m assuming it has something to do with some sort of recent email leak?

It takes a lot to make me actually be disgusted, but that email did the trick.

Dude “fell in love” with a woman who is already married with a child and then decided, instead of being an adult and walking away, to continue persuing a relationship with her. Not only that, but she didn’t turn him down. Absolutely disgusting.

1. When you think about how your relationship changes over time.

2. When the replies just aren’t fast enough.

3. When you can’t decide where to eat.

4. Although this betrayal is even more frustrating.

5. When you compare your expectations with reality.

6. When you want to let things go but just can’t.

7. When you get to brag about them.