Indigenous tourism

Indigenous tourism is a form of tourism geared towards personal experiences, learning, discovering new things locally. According to a survey, 35.1% of travelers choose Asia as their destination for a local tour. South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines make up 17% of the total. It can be said that Asia in the eyes of foreign visitors is a destination of religious, historical, cultural and mystical rich. Visitors here want to have a diverse experience, novelties in every aspect of life such as culture, cuisine, customs …

In addition, countries in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, the trend of indigenous tourism is extremely developed. Coming to the S-shaped strip of land, you can take a motorbike tour of the Ha Giang rocky plateau, explore the history of the war in Hanoi or down to the West. Cuisine of floating waters. In Indonesia, visitors will experience hand-eating habits to enjoy Gado-Gado, sleep with the dead of the Toraja people. Also, sitting on the boat to watch the elephant sharks in Donsol, the Philippines is one of the only experiences in Southeast Asia.

Indigenous tourism

Indigenous tourism requires more penetration into your life, you will learn more new things in life through living in the home of local people, living and eating as a native , have the opportunity to learn their special characteristics. These indigenous tours will provide you with new insights into life.


– Live with the Mong people, go to the highland market or challenge stone throwing on the cliff on Tham Ma Pass in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

– Snorkel to the shark’s shark at Donsol Bay (Philippines), Koh Tao (Thailand)

– Enjoy cuisine made from the insects of famous Lao restaurants such as Khop Chai Deu (54 Sethathirat Rd, Nam Phou, Vientiane), Kong View Restaurant (No. 183 Souphanouvong Street, Vientiane).


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