States map that show biggest import and export trading partner


We believe Alabama has a massive Hyundai plant near Montgomery. That and some Space engineering groups from Huntsville would explain the South Korean connection.

A lot of my friends and a girl I dated in college were from there. Lots of smart people there, I think the congressman there is a little crazy but he’s pretty good. I’d move there if I ever wound up wanting to work at NASA.

International trade is a big part of America’s economy, and a factor in each of the 50 state economies that constitute it.

The Census Bureau publishes annual figures on each state’s international trade. In addition to the top 25 goods imported and exported by each state, the Bureau reports the 25 countries that each state imports the most from and exports the most to. We took a look at the biggest trade partners by dollar value of goods imported and exported for each state in 2014.
The map looks to be purely based on import and port of call, and not consumption. I doubt Louisiana is using a lot of goods from Saudi Arabia. It’s oil imported from Saudi Arabia and then distributed to the rest of the country. It would be more interesting to see consumption map.

Really difficult to track consumption (the issue you’re talking about is trans-shipment) but in the case of Louisiana, they do import a fair amount of crude oil for processing into refined petrochemicals.

A consumption map is generally really difficult to tabulate, since there is nothing tracking goods between subnational borders.
Manufacturing economies are so entwined these days that a consumption map would be meaningless. If a pencil is made from parts found in 13 countries around the world- all brought to the U.S. to be assembled and it is then painted in China from paint made in India before it makes its way to an elementary school in Colorado… When the child chews the shit out of the pencil and literally consumes it, which country exported the pencil being consumed?

Like Alabama, I’m pretty sure SC is foreign car companies. BMW has a huge plant in Spartanburg and I think Mercedes has a plant in SC too. No idea about Maryland or Rhode Island. But I think the export map was even more interesting.

I’m guessing it’s some kind of precious metals going from Nevada to Switzerland and maybe airplanes or something agrichemical related going from Florida to Brazil. But I’m curious to know what Utah is exporting to Hong Kong.