Shopping fun fact: leggings are ordered more than jeans


The fit is just much more complicated with jeans and everyone wants stuff to fit right the first time. Leggings have reasons to try on that can usually be answered by reviews. Eg, how sheer they are. Most people don’t want leggings that are see through.

I bet in offline stores, jeans would win because they’re way more expensive (you can easily get leggings for under $10, whereas jeans usually start at $30-ish). Not to mention that if people are buying leggings online, then it begs to reason they’re not buying as many in stores (and vice versa for jeans, perhaps).

Fall fashion season is here and data from Slice Intelligence shows jeans are out and leggings are in. In each of the past three months, women have ordered more leggings than jeans online compared to the same period last year. In the last year alone leggings orders have grown by 41 percent. Denim orders, meanwhile, have only grown by three percent over the same period.

Though leggings orders are on the rise, women are still spending more on jeans. In the last year, spending on jeans has generated 48 percent more money online than leggings– likely because jeans typically cost more. On average, female shoppers are spending $62 on jeans, while leggings purchases usually amount to half of that.

women buy jeans and leggings mostly from Nordstrom and Amazon

Even though their styles may differ, women order jeans and leggings mainly through Nordstrom and Amazon. Nordstrom is the top seller of denim by volume, and is the second largest online retailer for leggings orders. For leggings, women are ordering first with Amazon.

So why are leggings becoming so popular? The reason might be found in our country’s geography. Women in Northeastern and Midwestern states are ordering more leggings, while women in states west of the Mississippi are favoring the traditional denim. South Dakota and New Jersey prefer leggings the most while Idaho and Wyoming favor the denim.

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Buying jeans online is like buying shoes online; super risky whether they’ll fit or not, and the site better have a damn good return policy. But buying leggings? Even if I bought them in a store there’s like a 99% chance I wouldn’t try them on. They’re an ideal clothing item to buy online because there’s very little variation to fit. They stretch, they fit.