New Game of Thrones season 7 teaser and premiere date!

Credits and music roll. Just when it seems they’ve finished, whats this? An extended scene?

Camera cuts to shores of King’s Landing. Water is gently lapping the icy shores. As the camera pans outwards towards the sea, a lone figure in a rowboat can be seen making his way towards the shore. Cut to black with dramatic final resonating base note.

My bet is that everyone gets fucking wrecked by the walkers because they’re too concerned with their political ambitions and petty rivalries to notice the real threat. Dany might be able to outlive the winter by flying away with her dragons that will probably melt them but I would say everyone else is fucked.

GoT is a strange thing, we always seem to pull for those that had the most unfair/loss such as the Starks so we all keep hoping they make a come back. At the same time, its “expected” and GoT isn’t fair and doesn’t play by those rules. At the same time, the show might alienate people if the most beloved characters die off.

If 2 or 3 of the main characters died early on in the new season it might cause people to feel angry or stop watching.