New Game of Thrones season 7 teaser and premiere date!

I hope it doesn’t end up with everyone teaming up to fight the white walkers, that would be weak and expected

They announced it via an impressive Facebook Live featuring flame throwers melting a block of ice.

It was captioned: “Almost there Game of thrones fans. Comment FIRE or DRACARYS to reveal the #GoTS7 date.”

“Hahaha,” one commenter put. “I bet who ever came up with this idea had no clue it would take so long to melt… bet hes gettimg [sic] some glare from the rest of the team now.”

“I’m gonna laugh when it finally melts and reveals the premier date of Silicon Valley or something, and they accidentally melted the wrong block of ice,” another added.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is expected to premiere on HBO this summer, possibly in July. The show only plans to make one more season after Season 7. The creators have talked about possible spinoffs, though, so don’t sweat it.

As soon as they defeat the white walker army, Cersei takes a step back while everyone else is cheering. She turns around and walks over to a fuse. She takes one final look at everyone hugging and lights a spark. A huge green flame engulfs all the stars, instead of an explosion everyones’ skin slowly burns as they scream and shout.

Daenerys unaffected by the flames but now naked walks towards Cersei. Cersei grabs a rock and strikes Daenerys in the jaw. Daenerys gets up, jaw hanging by a tiny strap of skin and flesh. She tackles Cersei to the ground and places both her hands around Cersei’s neck, squeezing with all her strength as hard as she can until her eyes role back and her face turns pale white like the snow. Close up of Cersei’s face covered in blood from Daenerys torn out jaw. Cersei gives out one last smile and dies.

Daenerys collapses on the ground next to Cersei. Her eyes stare into the distance where she sees a red comet shining in the sky.

Camera from the top. Daenerys is laying on her back, a small pool of blood is forming on the ice around her head. Camera starts zooming out above Daenerys. Higher and higher till we see all the characters laying dead in a spiral formation.