Philippines found solution to reduce crime by 100% from increase murders rate to 540%

I would suspect they still classify the killings of drug users as murders, and simply let them go un-investigated. They would have to pass legislation authorizing these killings, and since they’re encouraging ordinary citizens to take up guns and go people hunting that would essentially set a precedence that would make prosecuting murder virtually impossible.

All in all, this whole purge has been ridiculously moronic. You don’t fix a crime problem with more crime.

I have a few Filipino’s on my facebook that I went to college with here in Canada. It disgusts and amazes me how much they are praising that man. It’s amazing to me that someone who spent so much time here, and even received a college education from here, can be so ignorant and bloodthirsty.

I wasn’t expecting this many comments! I’m sorry guys but I don’t believe anything justifies murdering drug abusers. Hard drug dealers do what you want, but why murder somebody for having an addiction problem? These same bloodthirsty people I am speaking of also claim to be Christian so I find the whole thing very hypocritical.

Because Filipinos don’t have a lot to look forward to domestically. I don’t like what is happening, but being half filipino and having a network of Filipino family that I’m rather distant with (due to financial reasons) I understand their frustrations.

The Philippines is a country that is broken. 10% of the Philippines GDP was money from remittances in 2015. It is a country that exports wage slaves, at the beck and call of their family and extended family. Imagine having a huge network of family all pressuring you, your mother, and your children for money for this and that.

And then realize that half that money you send back, if not sent to the one responsible member in your extended family, is funneled into booze, drugs, or betting.

You don’t realize how hard these few people, who are educated then sent abroad as bread winners for dead beats and drunkards, have had it and how much their patience has been tested.

It is absolutely wrong, but I think people fail to realize how broken the system (both governmentally and socially) in the Philippines truly is. You have people who are renowned for their work ethic in certain fields (Nursing, etc) who work themselves to the bone, only to see their government, their churches, and even their own families bleeding them dry.

Imagine being in an extended familial relationship with raise by narcissists who guilt you into supporting your parents, your sisters family, and for some fucking reason, a cousins family who are half jobless and drunkards. Then you’ll know why Filipinos are growing increasingly callus.

Same can be said for Indonesian living abroad trying to be bread winner for the whole extended family members. I don’t see that belief pounced into foreign born Indonesian individual, but for us whom first generation migrant the pressure to success and provide for whole village is almost an unspoken expectation.

I wonder if it is true for Filipino culture that if you’re a successful person (career or social status) and refused to help the whole village and extended family members that would make you a cultural pariah in the eyes of the elderliness? Would they shunt you out for exercising your right to stood your ground by not providing for everyone?