In A Few Weeks, Small Pack Of Menthol Tobacco Will Get Ban By Government

Menthols and other flavoured cigarettes were specifically designed to appeal to groups who are turned off by the realities of smoking: in particular, they taste “better”, and smell “better”, and they’re easier on the throat, which are inducements on their own, but also appeal to underaged smokers in particular, who may want to conceal their habit from their parents. (Consider that only 5% of adult smokers smoke menthols, whereas about 40% of underaged smokers do.)

You also need to consider that, because they taste “better” and are easier to smoke (less likely to irritate the throat), people are more inclined to chain-smoke them than they are mundane cigarettes.

I’m really frustrated lately because I’ve been smoking menthols for a very long time and can no longer buy them anywhere.

Its a myth that menthols taste better and are smoother. I choose menthols because they provide a stronger throat hit. They are way more harsh than normal cigarettes which is the actual reason most adults won’t smoke them. Also the menthol in no way changes the smell of the smoke.

Not only that, nobody seems to care about all of the flavored alcohol products that are (by the government’s logic) intentionally marketed towards children.

Forget about menthol. How about chocolate, birthday cake, cinnamon hearts, or any fruit flavor you could imagine. I would also like to see all of that banned because in comparison it’s actually a lot more dangerous.

In a bid to stop younger people from smoking, as of 21 May this year, you will no longer be able to buy a 10 deck of the minty smokes, or packs of rolling tobacco smaller than 30g. This is phase two in the government’s long-term plan to completely outlaw menthols by 2020. Phase one was the plain packaging that was brought in last May.

Whether you’re a smoker who likes menthols or not, now would be a good time to knock smoking on the head, because taxes on cigs are going to go up… shocker, right?

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced yesterday that the government would be whacking a not insignificant 35p on a 20-pack and 42p on a 30g rolling pack. As well as that a ‘minimum duty is being added meaning no pack of cigs will cost less than £8.82.

The annual rise on tobacco prices comes from the fact that it rises with retail prices, currently up 2.6 percent per year, and then an additional duty, just for tobacco, means an extra two percent on top of that.

Seriously time to reconsider that smoking habit.


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