A Islamic school taught children gay people should be executed and men allow to beat their wives


I used to work for a charter school, so I can provide a bit of limited perspective. The requirements vary state by state. There are some states that will bring the hammer down hard on charter schools and regulating them.

If memory serves correctly, Michigan is pretty unwelcome to these schools, regulates them to within an inch of their lives, and limits the number of students that can enter these schools.

They even do it to the really reputable ones like K12. It was pretty fucked up considering what they were offering was a thousand times better than what Michigan had to offer.

It wasn’t fun listening to hundreds of parents sobbing over the phone, desperate to get their kids out of the public schools in areas like Flynt and Detroit.

On the other hand, you have states like Ohio, where it’s the wild fucking west and there’s almost no regulation whatsoever.

An Islamist girls’ boarding school which taught pupils that men could beat women and gay people should be killed is facing closure after a pupil exposed its sharia-inspired rules.

Aliyah Saleem was expelled in front of the entire study body at Jamia Al Hudaa girls’ school in Nottingham in 2006.

She was accused of “narcissism” for owning a disposable camera, and publicly humiliated as a part of her punishment.

Following her expulsion, Ms Saleem spoke out about her treatment at the school, saying that pupils were taught no geography, history, art, sport or music, but were instead subject to extremist views.

Students were taught that the death sentence could be given to gay men and that Jews and Christians made Allah angry.

Speaking to The Times under a pseudonym in 2014, Ms Saleem spoke of how she was made to feel isolated and shut off from society – visits into town being banned unless it was to see a doctor or dentist.

She said she left school anti-Semitic and unable to live within British society.

Two years on, Jamia Al Hudaa has been instructed to close its boarding facilities after an Ofsted inspection found there was “inadequacies” in safeguarding the pupils, which included poorly trained staff and a culture of bullying.

The Times reported that since 85 per cent of the school’s pupils are boarders, it will effectively be forced to close.

Parents have been instructed to collect their daughters from the school on October 18.

The Ofsted inspection confirmed the school does not promote “British values” and allows pupils to access controversial literature by authors who have been barred from entering the UK.

Ms Saleem, who is now 27, wrote in a blogpost that she did not think the schools watchdog had done enough.

She said: “There is still much to be done in regards to this school and all independent schools which have the power to immensely limit the curriculum taught.