Game of Thrones couples so good at acting that they fall in love


Now we get to see if they manage to stay together after going on to another role where their character fall in love with a character played by a different actor.

The arrows that killed Ygritte on Game of Thrones might as well have been shot by Cupid himself: former co-stars Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) made their debut as a real-life couple at the Olivier Awards on Sunday.

You may recognize the couple from that steamy cave scene or the ever quotable line: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Fans will recall that Ygritte tragically died in Jon Snow’s arms after being shot by Olly at the end of season four. (It’s official: Olly is the only person not rooting for this couple.)

For nearly four years, rumors have swirled that the onscreen lovers were seeing each other in real life, but both actors denied the relationship—until now.

Harington recently admitted on a British talk show that the two started dating while filming their beyond the Wall scenes in Iceland. “I fell in love in Iceland,” he said on the Jonathan Ross Show. “I fell in love with my co-star.”

It’s the biggest plot twist in Game of Thrones’ long and cruel history: love actually wins.

Well, it’s not exactly uncommon for costars to get involved. Johnny Galecki dated Sara Gilbert while they were on Roseanne and dated Kaley Cuoco for a couple of years here during The Big Bang Theory, and it’s possible that they’re dating again.

David Tennant dated Sophia Myles, his costar who played Madame De Pompadour from the Doctor Who episode, “The Girl In The Fireplace.”

He later dated and then married Georgia Moffett, costar who played the title-character from Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter.” Moffett’s casting itself was an in-joke because she is the daughter of Peter Davison, who himself played The Doctor from 1981 to 1984 as the fourth incarnation of the character that was later played as the tenth incarnation by Tenant. The headlines in the British press, “Doctor Dates Own Daughter,” brought out a laugh.

Patrick Stewart dated and was subsequently engaged to Jennifer Hetrick, who played Vash on two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Captain’s Holiday,” and “Q-Pid.” Stewart’s character had very few romantic connections on the show, so it’s kind of amusing that on-screen romance lead to real-life romance.