Girl ‘Persuades’ Drunken Mates Break Her Leg On Purpose

They didn’t hesitate and put the female in position. Moment two men break ‘drunk’ woman’s leg on purpose leaving it ’90 degrees the wrong way’.

The footage shows the woman – said to be intoxicated – holding on to one of the men in obvious fear, with her foot resting on the bench. The other man then leans on some railings to help him jump into the air and lands two-footed on the woman’s outstretched leg.

The female, the other man and the bench end up on the ground, with bottles of booze sent flying, the footage shows. The two men then put the bench back in position before gently carrying the sobbing woman so that she can sit down on it.

They also brush the dirt from her clothing and conscientiously pick up the broken glass from the bottles which is littering the path. The woman is clearly in a lot of pain and, when she is finally able to try to get to her feet, she cannot put any weight on her injured leg.

The footage was filmed last July but is only just going viral after being posted on social media.

A neighbour, who lives in a block of flats overlooking the park, told : “People drink there near the entrance every summer, but someone having their leg broken – with their consent – that is something new and completely mad.”

Shocked netizens said that the woman must have been trying to get out of a dreadful ordeal to go to such drastic measures.

But others claimed she was likely just drunk and bored. It is believed that she broke her leg, with the footage appearing to show the limb bending almost 90 degrees the wrong way.

But police said she did not lodge a complaint about the incident.