Dallas grandma jailed after left the 3 year old alone in the car


I did this last week! I left my 18month old son in the car on the driveway of our house having driven straight past the nursery I was supposed to be dropping him at.

The staff called me two hours later to ask why he wasn’t attending that day and I was very confused for a few moments as I attempted to process why they would be asking that question.

It didn’t make any sense, I always drop him off. Why would not he be there? I ran outside and he was grinning away at me having just woken up from a nap. We got very lucky.

I’ve now agreed a strategy with my wife that I will confirm by WhatsApp after each drop off and if she doesn’t hear from me she’ll follow up to find out what is going on. I have two children, our oldest is 5 years old and I’ve never done anything like this before with her.

In my case it absolutely was negligence. I’m under no illusion that I let my son down and risked his safety in a completely preventable way. For me that’s the perfect example of negligent parenting. But it wasn’t a malicious act and I suspect that’s the angle you were going for.

On a related note, while I take what I did extremely seriously, I would never deliberately leave him in the car like that, so I don’t connect what I did with the people in OP’s news article.

Police were called shortly before 7 p.m. Tuesday to the T.J. Maxx on Preston Road after an employee there found the 3-year-old wandering the busy parking lot outside.

After looking around for the boy’s family, the employee called 911 to report an abandoned child. Williams showed up a half hour later and told police she’d gone into the T.J. Maxx to make a return, while Whetstone went to the nearby McDonald’s for a bit to eat, leaving the child alone in the back seat.

“He was asleep in the car,” Williams said, noting that she’d given him medicine for his congestion. “He’s usually knocked out.

But police said the pair didn’t realize their mistake until they were a dozen miles away at their next shopping stop in Plano. Failing to notice that the boy had gotten out, they drove to a Ross store in Plano. That’s when they realized the toddler was gone and drove back to the T.J. Maxx. The child was handed over to his mother at the store, police said.