Japanese Couple Wear Matching Outfits Everyday For 37 Years

Relationship goals? Check. Extreme? Most probably. But this Japanese couple have set Instagram alight with their outfit matches. There’s clearly bee effort put into this, so kudos for that!!!

The pair, in their 60s, go by the name of bonpon511 – ‘bon’ is Japanese for husband, ‘pon’ the word for wife and 511 (5.11) – the date of their wedding anniversary, all the way back in 1980.

If it wasn’t so sickening, you could say it’s cute.

For almost 40 years this pair have worn matching outfits every day and, being honest, it is pretty endearing.

They’ve a following on Instagram of over 84,000 people (and this was at the last count. In the last 12 hours alone it’s risen by 9,000), with positive comments on the various pictures.

Their themes can change: there’s the tartan unification, the check combination and or the classic pullover choice – but whatever it is, they match.

Colour coordination is often difficult for many, get it wrong and you can look like a prize plum, but these two know how to match their reds and blues, their greys and blacks, their checks and their polkadots.

So where do these guys get their inspiration from?

Well, it would seem to be anywhere. The captions on their photos reveal that the dynamic duo favour labels like UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons, but also shop around in second-hand shops.






When we think of couples who like to coordinate their outfits, a pair of polo wearing golfers comes to mind… However, this Japanese couple in their seventies gives the concept my other half a cool and contemporary meaning.


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