Cloud Storage: Top Solutions for Small Business

With Zoolz, small businesses can easily access powerful, low-cost cloud storage. Unlike many of its competitors, Zoolz does not place user and server limits . It is therefore possible to adapt this service to the needs of your company. In addition, no bandwidth limit or file size limit will bother you. Zoolz also offers a Tribrid backup service that allows businesses to choose from three storage options: instant storage for everyday use, cold storage for often-unused files, and local storage on a server, network, or hard drive external. Zoolz is offered from $ 30 per month for 1TB of storage space.

JustCloud, a fast and secure cloud storage solution

JustCloud is a fast, simple and secure cloud storage solution . The service automatically backs up documents, photos, music and videos stored on the user’s computer to the cloud. Thus, the files are accessible from anywhere and at any time. Backups are fully automated, and it is possible to synchronize multiple mobile and desktop applications. This service starts at $ 5.61 per month for 75GB, with data security and 24/7 technical support.

Hightail, a cloud storage and collaboration service

Hightail Enables Professionals Around the World to Safely Share and Control Their Files From Anywhere in the World to Collaborate Effectively. Users can send files of any size from their computer or mobile device, and precisely control who can see those files. Users can also share folders that are assigned a unique link, to share with customers or teammates. It is also possible to choose who can edit and update these files. Hightail offers unlimited storage space and its mobile and desktop applications can be accessed from anywhere. The free package is limited to 250 MB of files per folder. The paid formula is offered from $ 15 per user per month, with no file size limit.

OpenDrive, a cloud storage service with an office suite

OpenDrive is a cloud storage solution but also an office suite that can be accessed from anywhere . Three services are offered to help businesses. OpenDrive is dedicated to storing, synchronizing and sharing files. OpenDrive Notes is designed for note taking, to-do lists, and other word processing. Finally, OpenDrive Tasks is dedicated to project management. OpenDrive is offered for free up to 5GB. Unlimited storage is offered starting at $ 12.95 per month.

Mozy, a cloud storage and synchronization service

Mozy offers a cloud backup, synchronization and mobile access service for servers and computers for individuals and businesses . Thanks to the synchronization service, the files are automatically updated in real time. Mozy offers, among other things, automatic cloud backup, mobile access, military grade security, data recovery functionality, server backup and data management service .

Livedrive, a cloud storage and backup service

Livedrive is a cloud storage service that also backs up and synchronizes data . Businesses can also use this service to share their documents on the web and collaborate on the cloud. Two formulas are proposed. Standard is $ 37 per month and Express is charged at $ 125 per month. Livedrive also offers three packages for individuals, priced between $ 6 and $ 19 a month.

Top Solutions for Small Business

Carbonite, a highly secure cloud storage service

Carbonite enables small businesses to access a data protection, data recovery, and data accessibility service from anywhere, anytime. Among the services offered are automatic backup, data recovery, and the protection of a high level of security. It is possible to store documents, emails, point of sale files, images, graphics, videos, accounting files, or CRM files . This service is intended for individuals, small businesses and large businesses. The various offers are priced from $ 59 to $ 899 per year.

Zip Cloud, a cloud storage and sharing service

Zip Cloud offers a very simple and intuitive online storage solution for documents, photos, music and more . With Zip Cloud, users can sync all their files to their tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers and share files and folders with other teammates. Businesses can take advantage of endless user service, with fully automated backups, team collaboration functionality, free mobile apps, and 24/7 technical support. Prices range from 35, $ 94 per month for 100 GB of storage and 5 computer licenses at $ 71.94 per month for 500 GB of storage and 20 computer licenses.

ADrive, a cloud storage and file transfer service

ADrive Provides Online Cloud Storage Solution Used by Millions of Individuals, Small Businesses, and Large Companies. This service allows you to transfer files using SCP, SFTP or Rsync on any standard client. Users can also access data from anywhere, anytime. A mobile application is available on iOS and Android, as well as a desktop application. The service also allows you to edit documents online, maintain multiple user accounts, and launch multiple sessions simultaneously. Users can collaborate online, transfer files remotely, and access technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also security and restore features.

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