SAP dethroned Oracle in the cloud by buying Concur

With the acquisition of Concur Technologies, SAP is consolidating its shift to the cloud, becoming the world’s second-largest on-demand software provider behind Salesforce. An operation that gives him the advantage over his rival Oracle. For a time.

SAP is accelerating its shift to cloud computing. The German company software publisher will buy Concur Technologies, the US specialist in SaaS (Software as a Service). The transaction amounts to $ 8.3 billion, making it the largest acquisition of SAP.

Founded in 1993 in Bellevue, Washington, Concur Technologies employs approximately 4,200 people and expects sales of nearly $ 700 million in 2014, up 30%. But, like most 100% SaaS publishers, Concur is in the red, with an expected loss of $ 80 million in 2014.


With this acquisition, SAP is taking an important step in its transformation to the cloud. It becomes the world’s second-largest on-demand software company, with annual sales in this area of ​​approximately $ 1.8 billion, behind the Salesforce customer relationship management specialist , $ 3 billion for the current year to close on January 31, 2015.

SAP dethroned Oracle in the cloud by buying Concur

According to analysts, Concur Technologies completes Ariba (purchasing management) and Fieldglass (management of temporary employee contracts) that SAP has bought for $ 4.3 billion and $ 1 billion respectively.


The German publisher is engaged in a frantic race for acquisitions in the cloud with his American rival Oracle . Since 2010, it has already spent nearly $ 13 billion to buy seven companies, including Ariba, Success Factors (human resources management), Hybris (e-commerce) and Fieldglass. Its goal is to reach $ 30 billion in revenue in 2017, including $ 4 billion to $ 5 billion in the cloud, against a total revenue of $ 22.7 billion in 2013.

With the acquisition of Concur Technologies, SAP has a clear advantage over Oracle, whose Saas and Paas (platform as a service) sales amounted to $ 1.1 billion in its last fiscal year ended 30 June 2014. But the US publisher has not said its last word and plans an annual turnover in the Saas of $ 2 billion next year. The battle for second place in the on-demand software is not over.

Tim Cook tries to reassure Apple users about the confidentiality of their data

In a long interview given to Charlie Rose for his weekly show on Bloomberg TV, Tim Cook returned to the news from Apple. In a first excerpt released the day after the keynote of the brand, the boss of Apple had presented in more detail the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6+ or iOS8. On September 15, the second part of the interview was broadcast, this time, Tim Cook returns on the confidentiality of the data. “When we create a new service we try not to collect data, we do not read your emails, we do not read your iMessages, and if the government sues us for your iMessages, we’re not always Our business is based on the sale of our products, not on the collection of your information. “, Statements that come after the recent hacking of iCloud , which led to the broadcast of nude photos of American stars. For Tim Cook, we must reassure Apple users, three days of the release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

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