Cloudera Altus: A PaaS Solution for Big Data on the Cloud

As part of the Strata Data Conference in London, Cloudera unveiled a new PaaS solution (platform as a service called Cloudera Altus) that enables organizations to facilitate the execution of big data workloads in the cloud. an on-demand infrastructure to help users rapidly develop scalable and elastic data pipelines for Big Data-based applications.

Most Big Data-based applications use workloads that are only launched for a temporary duration. By using resilient infrastructure, organizations can scale to support data pipeline workloads as needed, and gain flexibility . With itsĀ  Altus PaaS (platform as a service) solution , Cloudera seeks to abstract the management and operations associated with Big Data infrastructures as well as the infrastructure itself.

According to the firm, Altus helps provide features like metadata, security, management and common storage across multiple data engineering applications . Data engineering workloads are fundamental to today’s data-driven applications, as Charles Zedlewski, senior vice president of products at Cloudera, points out.

A PaaS Solution for Big Data on the Cloud

In his words, Altus simplifies the process of developing and launching data pipelines while maintaining portability and facilitating the incorporation of data engineering elements into real-time business intelligence and data science applications . Through Altus, data engineers can access popular open source tools like Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Hive on Spark and MapReduce2 in a cloud environment.

In addition, Altus also provides default cluster settings for faster deployment time, easier management, and easy automation. The platform is now available on Amazon Web Services, and will soon be released on Microsoft Azure . Altus is primarily geared towards data pipelines, hoping to help users worry less about infrastructure. In addition, like the rest of Cloudera solutions, data engineers can read and write directly within cloud object storage. Altus works with different versions of Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH), and the service also incorporates a workload management feature to help solve problems.

The data and analytical tools, especially on the cloud, are currently one of the key growth areas and investment for many companies . However, businesses also face challenges related to cloud cluster management, data processing, and migration. These are the challenges that Cloudera is trying to help with Altus.

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