[Officially] Ben & Jerry’s Three NEW Core Ice Cream Flavors turn 2017 Best Year Ever

Ben & Jerry’s have released three breakfast flavours and suddenly everything in the world all seems okay again.The much-loved ice cream company announced on Tuesday that they would be bringing three new flavours to the market – Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco.

Fruit Loot features Fruit Loops (obviously), Frozen Flakes contains cornflakes and Cocoa Loco is perfect for chocolate lovers as it features coco puffs.

The announcement made on 7 March was part of National Cereal Day, with the makers behind the glorious ice cream dubbing the new cereal debuts the ‘Cereal Splashbacks’.

‘So why combine ice cream and cereal? Because the sweet milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl is arguably the best part,’ said Ben & Jerry’s flavour guru, Eric Fredette. ‘We wanted to take our flavor concepts and make people feel like a kid again, which is how we landed our Cereal Splashback flavors.’

The best thing is, the top of the ice cream is covered in an extra layer of stuff that’s ‘spoonable’ – whatever that means. All I’m thinking is how quickly I can spoon it into my gob.

Let’s take a look…


theladbible, metro.co.uk