What we’re working on is to to build a site that incredibly helpful, but it’s also a little bit funny and quirky. So why we’re different?

Because we’re blending other experiences, working with well known agencies, small ones, big ones, been there – done that – will do it again, had another activities, worked for small, middle, large groups, some were world class martial art champions, others fell in love when they’re young, but all of us, and we really mean ALL, we driven by this passion, to bring on quality & creativity.

We’re also need someone in leadership role, someone who can wearing many hats and managing complicated workflow efficiently. We don’t like doing things twice, so it’s better we do it right at the first time. Like, right now.

We like being able to value things, respecting and looking for partnerships. You’re welcome!

For business and relate inquiries, issues (copyrights, members dispute, complaining…) please email to:

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