11 Years old boy Uses Dragon Ball Z “Full Force Power” to survives from 400 bee stings

Once the boy regained consciousness at the hospital, Kunz was interviewed by local reporters. It was there the boy dropped an iconic line, saying, “I’m Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta.” Currently, Kunz is still receiving treatment for his injuries, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Of course, Vegeta would be proud of Kunz and how tough he was during the ordeal. When Trunks learned to go Super Saiyan, the Dragon Ball Z character was begrudgingly pleased. The hot-tempered hero would surely say Kunz’s brave act pushed his own power levels over 9000.

This month, Dragon Ball Super’s story arc kicked off the ‘Universal Survival’ saga. You can check out the brief synopsis for it below:

“At Goku’s request, the Omni-Kings’ “Tournament of Power” martial arts tournament between universes now begins! …But this also proves to be the beginning of universal destruction. What awaits the victors of this tournament, and the vanquished…?! How will these intense team battles between the elites of each universe turn out…?!”