11 Years old boy Uses Dragon Ball Z “Full Force Power” to survives from 400 bee stings

An 11-year-old boy is in intensive care in Phoenix after having been stung over 400 times by bees. It’s a miracle he’s even still alive but the child has Dragon Ball Z to thank for his survival. This is a 100% true account and Andrew is recovering as we speak.

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, then you are familiar with some of anime’s most lauded heroes. Characters like Goku and Gohan are undeniable saviors in the fandom, and the franchise hosts other model warriors. Despite his anti-hero tendencies, Vegeta has become an enduring role model for audiences around the world. And, this week, the princely Saiyan had a hand in saving a young boy from a deadly attack.

On Monday, an 11-year-old boy from Phoenix found himself rushed to the hospital after he was stung by 400 bees. Andrew Kunz was outside playing with a friend where they were shooting BB guns at an abandoned car. However, the two boys were unaware a swarm of deadly Africanized bees had taken up residence in the vehicle. When Kunz was shooting, the noise and vibration of the shots agitated the bees, and they were quick to seek revenge.

First responders to the scene rushed to Kunz after his grandmother called the police, and the boy was left fighting for his life. According to local reports, the boy held on during the pain by thinking of his favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z. Kunz reportedly pretended to be Vegeta powering up with his “Full Force Power” move.